Friday, 24 June 2016


we are at the Blue Lagoon.It is in Iceland witch is very very cold but in the water it is very very warm because of the geothermal springs under dad lifted me above the water and i froze but I melted
in the water.

Seljalandsfoss is amazing because you can walk around it.  If you went under it, you freeze in an ice cube.  We got wet cuz we went behind it and the water was splashing everywhere.  It was cold, but not freezing.  It was super duper uper fun!

this is my favorite hotel guess why because...there is a hot tub and you can see the stars in it and there's a t.v in the room and the beds are am amazing.and there's a mountain next to it.

This was the black beaches at Vic Myrdal.  At the black beaches, we ran away from the waves.I got a little wet but who cares. 

I got to sit on ice at the joculsarion lagoon.It was freezing cold.I found a glacier as big as 5 grownups
and one as small as a computer then one like a favorite one looked like a hat but there's
no picture.

svartifoss is amazing and its called black falls in English. we had to hike to get to it but it was worth reminded my mom about the cosmos but I have no idea but I do know about the cosmos but still
I have no idea.the water is boiling so don't touch it ki no kid don't touch that noooooo.

this is kerid crater it is a volcano it wont erupt anymore because because ummmmmmmmmm
I have no idea.the water is boiling so don't touch it ki no kid don't touch that noooooo.

this is gollfoss is this ama I think this is the wrong sheet ah oksdteukyi wr 3 irio3 r3 ;oke wrong
ah here this is gollfoss it is an amazing waterfall I love it.well it is cold but fun to see and watch.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Last Days in the UK

I went to Elsie and Lillian's house and I ate there.  They cooked us am English roast for our going away.  It was delicious!  I liked playing in their room with them.  I really miss them.  It was a great dinner. They made is a card.  It said everything you can imagine.

On Guy Fawkes Day, we had a bonfire and threw a fake Guy Fawkes into a huge fire and watched him melt.  By the way, he wasn't real.  This was at Sam and Joes house, Brody and my friends.  We had a sleepover and got to do sparklers and fireworks. It was super fun!

We went to Billy Bob's for a last playdate before flying out with lots of friends including Lola, me, Evie, Charlie, Holly, Alyssa, Ava, and some others not in the picture.  Billy Bobs is known for its ice cream.  It has a playground and rope swings over hay bales.  

On the night before we left, we stayed in a hotel room and went to Noble Comb pub with some friends, like Holly, Elsie, Lillian, and Annie.  There was a little playground.

This is in the taxi on the way to the airport.  Can you see the suitcases behind us?  We were excited abut seeing all of our Texas family and friends, sad about leaving all of our English friends, and nervous about going to a new school.  But I love my school now.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016


We had a surprise layover in Amsterdam on our way back from our holiday.  It was foggy and the plane couldn't take off.  So we got go explore Amsterdam.  

We saw Anne Frank's Diary.  It was in a different language so I couldn't read it.  We also toured her huose.  There was a secret bookshelf that was actually a door that went into the attic where she hid.

We went to the Van Gogh museum and there were a lot of paintings where he drew using lines.  My favorite one was one of him with a mustache but weren't supposed to take pictures on there so we don't have one of it.  But dad snuck this one.  

We went to an Ice Bar.  Inside we got frozen orange juice.  Everything was frozen, even the cup that we drank the orange juice out of.  

Wednesday, 6 January 2016


After Germany we went to switzerland to meet mom and dads friends i drank clean water from a fountain in the swiss alps.

Were higher then the clouds look how beautiful it is. 

this is my friend james he was a astronaut and i was a
witch.we also went trickor treating i got lots of candy.
his is ethan we are roasting sausages and bread 
it was so so fun.I got to get a tall stick to roast it

I found a lumpy pumpkin.the end!